Founded in early 2016, we are social enterprise based in Nusa Penida. Narikela is originally came from Sanskrit language which means coconut. Hence, we believe we would love to create all sort of products with coconut. We started by perfecting our first product, Virgin Coconut Oil.

Our business concept is "Earth first, people care, fair share". Hence, we believe by preserving local environment, getting people to care about their environment and having fair trades from farmers to customers. Some of the profit will be directed straight to societies by creating yearly projects. Whether independent or collaboration with trusted organization.

Our Vision

Maintaining high quality standard products nationally to inspire locals to learn and be creative in developing local produce such as coconut or seaweed. Constantly active in helping to preserve environment.

Our Mission

Creating varieties of the best quality coconut products

Creating sustainable demand for local coconut farmers

Improving local economy by creating job opportunities

All of our products are made in Nusa Penida with local coconuts from the farmers. All coconut artisan are equipped with sanitary tools and necessities to ensure high hygienic standard is met accordingly. Narikela Virgin coconut oil are made with 100% matured coconut without any preservative nor additive. It is the purest virgin coconut oil you can get. Narikela Virgin Coconut oil could be use as butter or any oil substitute, or as skin and hair product